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We are the voice of the AP.

Letter from the CAP Chair

Dear members of the campus community:

Welcome to the website of the Council of Academic Professionals (CAP).

CAP is an elected body of 22 academic professionals, two from each one of 11 districts that represent the academic and administrative units of Academic Professionals based on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

CAP members are committed to working with faculty, staff and students across campus towards enhancing the work environment, employment policies and prospects for the future for academic professionals.

We are engaged in many initiatives and activities:

  • We help elect Academic Professionals to the Academic Senate. CAP worked for years to gain support for this opportunity.
  • We help manage the Academic Professional Development Fund, which provides funds to academic professionals to assist them in pursuing professional development.
  • We ensure APs are recognized by our facilitation of the Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence awards.
  • We nominate APs to serve on Senate committees, search committees for the president, chancellor, and provost; and ad hoc committees on a variety of other important issues.
  • We hear grievances from academic professionals.
  • We advocate for the interests of academic professionals. CAP has been a strong leader in the fight to preserve the exemption authority (the rights of state universities to create AP positions. Our officers have spoken on this issue before the Board of Trustees, the State University Civil Service System, and the Faculty Advisory Council of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. In addition, we were able to advocate successfully in the Senate to obtain its support on this issue.

I invite you to consider engaging with CAP in one of the its many initiatives, programs, meetings and other activities. From serving on CAP as a member, to nominating yourself to serve on a committee to attending a meeting, there are many opportunities to participate in the shared governance of the campus. We regularly communicate these opportunities by e-newsletter to APs. You are also welcome to attend a CAP meeting – they are held on the first Thursday of every month – times and locations are also shared on this website.

Academic Professionals play a vital role in enacting the research, teaching, service and economic development missions of our institution.

I hope we can work together to continue strengthening this role.

Melissa G. Madsen